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County Road Shows and Strange Humans


Welcome to our site, where you can learn about our work, vision, and services. Since day one, our Film Production House has produced top-quality projects for a variety of industries - get in touch today and let’s start working together! Our fashion film production House facilitates a pure collaboration between the designer brand and the world of filmmaking. Our fashion films highlight the motivation and concept behind the designer’s vision while creating beautiful cinematography and story surrounding the line which allows for a unique blend of cinematic art and cutting-edge fashion.

As a fashion film production House, County Road Shows and Strange Humans Production House understand that the atmosphere on set is just as important as capturing the perfect film. We are second to none in our understanding of lighting, technical camerawork, and set design therefore we are proud to say that our collaborations in the field of artistic filmmaking have been met with great success.

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Ranchi Jharkhand India

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